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Modern Chemical is a manufacturer of synthetic adhesives, glue & resins and we are first introducer of polyvinyl acetate & acrylate water base resins & adhesive, neoprene rubber shoe cement, dextrin glue in Bangladesh. There are qualified technical persons in production and quality control also. Aim of our technical team is to innovate new products and to develop quality of our products. We are working specially to develop new products of water base resin.

Who We Are

The group of companies is dedicated to the research, development, manufacturer and commercialisation of these products.

Our Company

140 employees are engaged directly in this group of companies. Total investment is Tk. 250 million (USD. 3.60 million) Four industries have separate plant sites and located at Kalurghat & Mohra, Chittagong and Ghorasal also.

About Modern Chemical

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